Saturday, June 13, 2009


I don't update my age-old website anymore ( ), so I decided to start this new blog.

Here I will share records that I find, like Obits, books I discover, photos i take, random blurbs about what's on my mind, etc. It will likely be quite random, but maybe the records I post may be helpful to someone who happens by. :)

I compiled so many records, that it will take quite some time to post them all. Be sure to check back

.Site description (as submitted to Cindy's List):

Genealogy blog that shares obituaries, vitals, and other records found in the process of research, along with personal research tidbits and blogging. Most obits and records will be from eastern Massachusetts, but NH, Maine, TN, KS, NE, England & others may also appear. The surnames BLAISDELL & TREADWELL will frequently appear in the records added, along with many Nahant (MA) based families. Information will be eclectic.

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